Vintage Lenses

It’s been a while since I bought the Fujifilm X-T2. This is an awesome camera (*) and the kit lens is a really good one. The Fujinon FX 18-55 (2.8 – 4) is certainly no regular “kit lens”. I’m not the professional shooter. But I certainly can understand what the limitations of a lot of the kit lenses are. And yes, also this lens has its limitations.

Ok, that’s not really fair.

I ment to say: my limitation (being the lack of gear, or better yet, the lack of range.)

So i started to look around for a 2nd lens. Since I’m Now I am not ready to purchase a 1000€ lens just yet.
I decided to buy a couple of old, vintage lenses.

The advantages being:

  • being forced to shoot manual focus.
  • get to know prime lenses.
  • trying out stuff without breaking the bank.

Some caveats:

  • vintage does not mean better quality all the time
  • looking around, trying out stuff, ‘trusting’ youtube and other reviews
  • building an unnecessary collection of “nice” but useless lenses

and you will need some adaptors

for old M42 mount lenses, I ordered the K&F M42-FX –

I’ll post some reviews as soon as they arrive…

Daily picture challenge

So I bought this camera, finally!

I did so for two reasons: first Katrien and I were planning our honeymoon to Japan. What better time to start learning photography than on the road. Initially I even intended to purchase it in Tokyo. But realising prices were similar if not more expensive than in Europe, i decided not to wait. By doing so, i could get to know the camera beforehand.

Last Friday a came across this website (and app) that challenged me to post a picture a day. Most services like this have a very kickstarterish or apple styled intro video. This one however has two big features setting it apart: pace and length. The underlying message: take your time and be persistent.

Challenge accepted! you can find my daily pictures here


Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

– Unknown