Daily picture challenge

So I bought this camera, finally!

I did so for two reasons: first Katrien and I were planning our honeymoon to Japan. What better time to start learning photography than on the road. Initially I even intended to purchase it in Tokyo. But realising prices were similar if not more expensive than in Europe, i decided not to wait. By doing so, i could get to know the camera beforehand.

Last Friday a came across this website (and app) that challenged me to post a picture a day. Most services like this have a very kickstarterish or apple styled intro video. This one however has two big features setting it apart: pace and length. The underlying message: take your time and be persistent.

Challenge accepted! you can find my daily pictures here https://tookapic.com/?u=26782


Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

– Unknown